Empowering to scale new heights

Kudos Play School is a Montessori way playschool with a maximum enrollment of 60 children per session.

Our role is to provide a rich and stimulating environment in which the children may choose to work freely and individually utilizing the children’s self-motivation. We challenge them further in the areas of their special interest. We do not push the children, but rather provide the settings so that they may learn freely in this unique way, at their own pace.

At Kudos we present practical life in a way that promotes our themes as well as challenges. The children’s hand-eye co-ordination, sense of order and small motor skills are given prime importance and that is the philosophy of Kudos Play School. We do not have, computer based education, Air Conditioners and televisions. We believe in developing the children the natural way. Family involvement is a key element of any child’s education; as such we strive to have constant communication with families so that the parents can understand how their child is progressing.